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Mar 26, 2011 11:15pm EDT
>> good evening, i'm lindsay muffy and thanks for joining us and coming up, the opening day pitcher does fine tuning at spring training and the georgetown women anticipate a familiar foe and tonight, the capitals played the first straight game without alex ovechkin and there is that six- game road trip and the team was shut out by the senators and their 10th shutout of the season. less than two minutes into the game, the caps on the attack and backstrom, he would be stopped by carrie price and marco sturm. the first as a cap, the fifth of the year. the caps lead 1-0. the same score and in that third period and caps up 2-0 and with that second career -- and to know your opponent well and that is something they will figure out tomorrow n. less than 24 hours, georgetown and connecticut will meet for the third time in 30 days. uconn is the number one seed and beat the hoyas, twice this season and are not untouchable. >> and we think if we play georgetown basketball, we can be competitive. we were competitive and the only hole, we can put the basketball offensively and struggle that nigh
Mar 19, 2011 11:15pm EDT
>>> welcome to the washington area sports extra. >> i'm lindsey murphy. thanks for joining us. coming up, mls play begins for dc united, plus the hoyas grieving after last night's loss. but first, to the team that is in the fight. we are talking about george mason who came one step closer to becoming a national champion last night. tomorrow it's going to get a little tougher. that's when the patriots have the task of taking out the number one overall seed, ohio state. it's a 5:10 p.m. game and dave has more on this matchup from cleveland. >> cleveland, ohio, is known for a couple things. lake erie, the rock and roll hall of fame and being good to george mason basketball. >> an annual spring ritual. this has a certain deja vu feel to it. >> i'm going to keep playing as long as possible. >> the number one seed. a win over san antonio. >> can you beat ohio state? >> yes, i think we can. >> you told me yesterday, you thought you were going to beat villanova. i'll ask you today, can you beat ohio state? the overall number one? >> definitely. like i said, it's all about beli
Mar 5, 2011 11:15pm EST
winning streak to 16 games. >> first half, it was just killing us. they seemed like they wanted it more than us. the effort was a lot harder than ours was. we picked it up and my team motivated me to pick it up as well. i did what they asked me to do. >> houston will play tomorrow in the semis. >>> austin freeman grabs the board, races the other way for the lay in. hoyas up 12-4. final seconds now of the first half, the long inbound pass to gates. he pulls up from behind, buries the three pointer to beat the buzzer. up 6 at the half. second half, the bear cats start to pull away. hit one of his three three's. the hoyas fall for the second straight time without chris wright. 69-47. >>> everything must have been working right when maryland beat virginia by 24 points. the calves look nothing like that team today and neither did the terps as they met at comcast center. it was senior day at comcast center. the terps seniors, gregory and adrian playing in their final home game. so sad. howard gets the return pass here. he gets gregory inside for the dunk. terps down 4 at the half. second hal
Mar 20, 2011 11:15pm EDT
for joining us tonight for nissan sports xtra. on tap john wall gives the wizards something to cheer about and the hoyas and terps get set for a backyard brawl, about the first a look at george mason versus ohio state. it's not that mason played badly because they definitely didn't. ohio state is just that good. they were given the no. 1 seed for a reason and this game it seemed everything the buckeyes threw up went into the basket. it didn't help luke hancock was sick with food poisoning. there's jim larranaga nervously pacing in the early goings, but his mason patriots got off to a quick start, cam long's three from up top off the back of the rim and in. he had a team high 16, patriots up 11-2, but the buckeyes would turn the tables. aaron kraft zips the pass to gerald sullenger for the layup and fall. final seconds of the 1st half aaron kraft finds john deibler who hits the three-pointer. ohio state led at the half. 2nd half more daggers from downtown david lighty hit his seventh three-pointer. e made all seven, by the way -- he made all seven, by the
Mar 27, 2011 11:15pm EDT
with the men's final four because it's all set. vcu is really using the no one said we could do it rally to their advantage. experts said they didn't deserve to be in the tournament. they had to play in a play-in game just to get there. so, while every other final four team has won four games to get to houston next week vcu has now won five. senior guard joey rodriguez from vcu taking on the number one seed kansas to get to houston. first half, rams come out on fire. already up 15. brandon rozle's three gives vcu its largest lead of the half. rams would lead by 14 at the break. kansas would come back. taylor's dunch part of a 17 -- dunk part of a 17-5 jay hawks run to start the second half and bring them within two. vcu had an answer. with under 2:00 to play, rams up six. rodriguez, great pass to bradford burgess who lays it up to put vcu and cinderella continues to live. rams take down the jay hawks 71- 61. smart is going to the final four. >> once again, it felt like nobody really thought we could win going into the game, but these guys believed
Mar 12, 2011 11:15pm EST
>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, bryce harper gets unwanted news and george mason anxiously a waits selection sunday. >>> first, the nba hardwood and that put on a show. and that anticipation is that they would go and host the home crowd and they were the finalists and their teams meeting the first time this season. the second quarter, up 12 and griffin splits the double-team. 360 and throws down the dunk. doesn't go in right away and counts still. later in the quarter, mcgee responds. the half-court alley-oop from john wall and mr. griffin's face and the wiz are down 9 at the break and with that three midway and clipper win. the wiz lost 10 of the last 11. >> and was happy the way we fell behind and competed and came back. i was disappointed when we got closer with 68, 63, what happens, the team makes a run and we try to hit the home run as young players and when we fall behind andence it up and play at a bad pace and not in a good flow. >> and he's been the best play or the field. so, of course,
Mar 6, 2011 11:15pm EST
them out 5-0, now 4-3 in spring games. >>> time for another tv time- out, but dave feldman brings us the ultimate story of one ultimate gift one national coach gave to his brother. stick around. >>> welcome back. during spring training most coaches fly well below the radar, which is fine with nationals hitting roach rick eckstein. he doesn't like the attention, but his unselfish act of brotherly love is worth telling. here's dave feldman. >> i consider him a hero. i mean in many respects he gave me back my life. so how can that not be defined as a hero? >> the term hero i'm not comfortable with because don't feel that way. i feel like i was a good brother. >> reporter: no one would argue that. rick eckstein is the nationals hitting coach and the older brother of two time world series champion david eckstein and while he and david do share pro baseball, his older brother ken has the most in common with him. they share a kidney. >> during the season in the middle of september i just remember knowing that i was going to do this and donate and i hadn't had a blood test, hadn't had anythi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7